Review by Officer Nice: I have booked a trip to Egypt. Although I’m not the biggest fan of countries where Muslim extremists are living I concluded I need to see the ancient treasures anyway. Why? Since I was a child I was fascinated by that specific culture and I could keep on looking at pictures and documentaries about it. I still can… Another dream is to see the ancient Indian culture in the USA and Mexico. It’s a disgrace that modern culture destroyed all these tribes and this important piece of history.  Well, one day I’ll be there anyway and listening to this band brings Mexico higher on my bucket list.

To be honest I don’t know that many bands from out of the middle of the American continent but I will not easily forget about this one. Originality isn’t an issue anymore in the modern Metal scène, certainly not musical wise. What we see nowadays is that non-musical issues are often needed to attract the fans and that’s a pity. On the other hand we see bands that are trying to make their specific genre more and more perfect and that’s a good evolution. But new original bands? Well, they are rare nowadays but I’ve found one right here, I guess.

What makes this band so attractive is the fact that they add all the time some native instruments to their kind of  Metal and that the entire atmosphere of the ancient Indian culture is weaved through the entire album. This record easily pulls me into this kind of mood and I just love it. The mysterious flutes, the Indian drums… they work on my imagination and in my fantasy I see dancing Indians, rattlesnakes and big cactuses in the desert. I see painted warriors who are ready for battle but meanwhile I also hear good played guitars and very enjoyable leads! I just adore it when bands are able to work on my mind with their musical ideas and therefore I am totally into Cemican. When we talk about the Metal this band is playing I can say they’re heading between lots of good bands I used to know.

I hear a bit of Nevermore, a bit of Testament, a bit of Sepultura, a bit of the more melodic kind of Death Metal bands I really like. This band uses Spanish lyrics but I don’t care about this issue at all. Maza Tecpatl is the front man of the band, using constantly some kind of grunt voice, the harsher kind of vocals anyway. We can call it the more modern kind of Metal vocals but because of the fact this band is actually melodic in their song writing it really works. Meanwhile that mysterious flute stays in the back, behind the hard hitting drums and razor sharp riffs… It keeps on working on my mind!

Because of this native atmosphere this formation delivers something that sounds different. If Rammstein can conquer the world with German lyrics, Cemican is able to outgrow their own country. This band contains very good musicians, they are really talented and this formation is able to hold the attraction of the listener during the entire record. There’s without any doubts a public in the modern Metal scène for this but even the old school Death and Thrash Metal fans can do something with this one. Check  http://www.facebook.com/cemicanMex  /  https://cemican1.bandcamp.com/album/in-ohtli-teoyohtica-in-miquiztli 

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)