Review by Holger B. : Originally sold by the band as Private Pressing in 2018, the small but fine German label Rock It Up Records has taken on this underground gem and re-released it a year later with a 500 edition. The Canadians are playing a great mix of Crossover and Thrash Metal, one after the other on bands like D.R.I. or even Nuclear Assault reminds.

In “This Is not Earth” and “Hall Of Meat”, one even thinks that Suicidal Tendencies are being heard most personally at their best. Very striking this vocal resemblance to Mike Muir. The band radiates over the entire length of the album an incredible joy of playing and one wishes to be in secret times to be there when the post goes off.

As befits a disc of this genre comes the part only just beyond the 30 minute limit. It is also quite sufficient, because there are enough classics that are no longer and where quality over quantity wins. The production is above reproach. The thing pops out of the speakers like hell.For me, Chemical Way is a real surprise in the crossover sector and worth an unqualified recommendation. Great album! Check ‘em out at:  /

My rating: 88/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)