CTHULUMINATI – RELIQIDEUS (Independent / Hard Life Promotion)

Review by Officer Nice: The big festival in my hometown is finished and mostly that means time has come to think “What’s next?” “Christmas?” Maybe it is too soon for that but I realize that the summer will end soon and we are forced to welcome Autumn. I’m more the kind of person that adores Spring and Autumn isn’t at all a period I am looking forward to. It makes me down and depressed and I really need sun and happy faces! Musical wise it means that the summer breeze feeling will also end soon and that time will come back to listen to more depressed music, colder music, more melancholic music…. Don’t get me wrong, I really love that kind of stuff but maybe it’s a bit too early to think about it.

Nevertheless I have something in my hands, a digipack from a band I can hardly announce the name from, that fits this description perfectly. Cthuluminati seems to be a Dutch band and is really something special. It seems psychedelic, it is mythological, it is a combination of some Doom, some Black and some traditional Metal. It is a lot on a little silver disc but to me it actually works because of the atmosphere that is created by the band. The production is strong and it empowers, on several levels, this kind of music perfectly. It’s like I am listening to something bewitched, to something evil and overall it all feels a bit like a dark – noncommercial – kind of Horror movie. This album breathes an overdose of darkness and for a part this one gets me back into time, to the era of the old school Norwegian Black Metal. Dam, that was a dark page in the history of Heavy Metal. But… this isn’t pure Black Metal, therefore the production is too strong, therefore this band is too much focused on the song writing, therefore this formation is way too Progressive.

Progressive Doom/Black Metal, does it exists? I don’t know, I don’t even care but I know if it does Cthuluminati is a band that sounds that way. This band must certainly attract fans of Black and other extreme Metal genres. Today it is a dark clouded day and Cthuluminati gave me the perfect depressed and melancholic feeling I want to hear from this kind of bands. Why? Well because these musicians are able to put their emotions and feelings into their music and that’s a very strong point of this release.

No Journey, Night Ranger or other AOR band today but a band that makes me realize winter will be there soon. Bizarre arrangements, bewitched vocals, heavy grunts, clean vocals, good rhythms, Progressive tunes, good sounding guitar parts, technical played drums… they’re all here and they all make this one maybe the most special album I’ve heard so far in 2019. If you will get into this, you’ll discover a great piece of art. If you don’t get into the soul of this record it will probably end with the garbage or maybe on a second hand market. In my case it will receive a place in my collection. Check http://www.facebook.com/Cthuluminati

My rating: 88/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)