CADAVERICPOISONcdcoverCPReview by Sloof: For some reason I consider Paul Speckmann (vocals) as the Lemmy of Death Metal. He’s around for some time now and always did what he liked to do. Headstrong and obstinate in Master as vocalist and bass player but at the same time dedicated to other bands and projects like Death Strike, Johansson & Speckmann and since 2014 active in the German/Czech band Cadaveric Poison. The latter released their first full length album as a following output to the EP ‘Fight For Evil’ from 2014. Cadaveric Poison consists of members from Witchburner (Felix – drums and Seegel – guitars and bass) and of course Paul who played in so many bands before that it’s gonna be hard to give a slight overview.

Anyhow, the trio gathered and rehearsed a lot and decided that the 2 songs from the EP should be re-recorded for their first album as well. In total 10 songs that vary from Heavy to HEAVY from Fast to FAST, so you will get a perfect survey of their career so far. Some songs on this album have a lot of Death influences, not only the arrangement but the sound in general evokes the same feeling. Listen to ‘Rollover’ and ‘Face The Whore’ and you will hear how influential Chuck was! The tracks on this album handle about violence and hate and all things in between and I’m sure that all maniacs out there will support them the best way possible!

‘They speak of revolt as time fades away. The ultimate joke is to forfeit the race!’ Order at:!/CADAVERIC-POISON-“Cadaveric-Poison”-CD/p/65493596/category=2707104   CP Facebook:

My rating: 86/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on)