CARRION – TIME TO SUFFER (Target/Mighty Music/Hard Life Promotion)

Review by Officer Nice: I am writing this review while it is about 30 degrees outside and the weather man predicts even 10 more next week. Global warning seems to brings Africans to our nations but I suppose they brought their weather with them. I know, I should be outside near a swimming pool or I should be drinking some cool cocktail, with some nice looking ladies next to me but I’m not! I have chosen to work hard to get all these reviews done… time to suffer.

Well, there are worse things in life and in my hand I have an album from a band from my hometown, a band that listens to the name of Carrion. The city where I grew up, Ghent, isn’t that famous if we talk about Metal although in the old days it was the Mecca of the Belgian Metal scène. We produced some good bands in the past, let Ostrogoth be the most famous one. I suppose Carrion is already a known band for the die-hard fans of extreme Death Metal and I guess they were looking forward to the band’s second album…

The band succeeded to sign a contract with Mighty Music and this label has a lot of goodies to offer. Carrion started as a cover band to become an extreme Death Metal band during the years. That wasn’t a bad idea because Carrion really sounds as a professional band and they received positive reviews in the past. The success of traditional Death Metal waned somewhat during the last decades but the more extreme form of Brutal Death Metal easily became successful. Musical wise this kind of bands sounds heavier, faster, harsher and more aggressive but they can hook up with the traditional bands if we talk about the technical skills. On the other hand you can’t expect ‘easy on the ear’” tunes or melodic arrangements, things that makes the more traditional bands more irresistible to me.

Anyway, I can’t deny some good musicians are at work here and “Defiled Sanity” for example proves these lads really know how to produce some ultra-dark music, creating an atmosphere that really blows the listener away. The album is very good produced, which is the reason a true wall of sound is heading your way. I hear heavy loaded and amazing sharp riffs, (too less) leads, amazing strong played bass lines and technical played drums. Carrion sounds varied, although speed is a brand but their technical way of performing gives the band even a slice of a progressive touch. The dark grunts makes Carrion sound dark and vicious.

This kind of extreme metal works and there is for sure a public for this kind of music. Carrion delivers ultra-fast and aggressive  arrangements, the kind you need to like. Carrion sounds modern and is for sure ready for the future. Fans of brutal Death Metal can purchase this one blindfolded, as Carrion is a top band in its genre. If you’re not into these extreme sounds you’d better take a listen first. Check em out at:

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)