CATCH 22 – AWAKEN (Molten Metal USA)

Review by Stefan: Catch 22 is 4-piece underground power/thrash metal band from Ohio, formed in 1992 by charismatic mainman/singer T.J. Berry. This guy’s way of singing reached a very high level/range. From low roar to high pitched vocals, be sure that T.J. has a unique throat that you will not soon forget once you’ve heard it. Catch 22’s way of music is situated in the mold of an early Testament, so beware!

I always knew that the American underground Metal scene is one big fucking thing and it still grows on and on, every day. Many US bands deliver the goods which is proven the last several years with bands as Destiny’s End, New Eden, Exiled, Premonition, Division, Antithesis, Eidolon… to name but a few. So now, we have another US Metal highlight to announce, may I present you to Catch 22 ! Trust me on my word, this is a mighty strong formation coming on so pure, so strong, so heavy… all the characteristics of an excellent USM band are present, which makes me very enthusiastic !

I suppose “Awaken” is their third album and the talent squeezes all around. It’s a Molten Metal USA release and let me tell you one thing… If you’re into underground, genuine American metal than you don’t have to wait one second to buy this piece. Their sound is very close to what we call 80’s Bay Area powerthrashing metal akin to the sound of Testament, Metal Church, Savatage, Heathen, H.A.T.E. and the likes. Thirteen tracks, more than 60 minutes of excellent solid steel, great production and a fantastic artwork is what you can get if you make this awesome release your property ! Order at:

My rating: 88/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)