CELLAR TWINS – DUALITY (Independent / Hard Life Promotion)

Review by Officer Nice

Well, there’s a lot going on the last few weeks. I mean, my personal life became a little mess after I made some big decisions, I have some issues with my sons in law and I can’t get any sleep because all of it. On the other hand I witnessed the amazing performance of Todd Michael Hall in the ‘The voice USA’, I heard the amazing new album of Psychotic Waltz and I was able to find a ticket for the next Keep It True Festival. I am looking so forward to see Cyclone, Realm, Heathen and Sanctuary on stage. What I want to say…Life always goes on, with ups and downs and we need to enjoy every single minute of it…like I am enjoying this CD I am listening to. Who the fuck is this actually? Cellar Twins? Never ever heard a word about them. From Belgium God damned?

Well, this release is from 2019 and actually it’s a pity that I received this one so late. This is really an ultra-professional sounding band. The production, the song writing, the performances… This is really impressive and on some points this music reminds me to Reverence, the ‘other’ band of Todd Michael Hall. You don’t know them? Really? Get your ass to YouTube and go check it out…but wait until you finished reading this. Furthermore bands like Dream Theater, Volbeat, even a bit Greta Van Fleet and bands like Alter Bridge are crossing my mind. This record contains but only good songs and for the band it seems so easy to hold the attention of the listener. There’s always something going on, great hooks, superb melodic lines and first class guitars. I really love the intensity the leads are played with. Add a singer with an amazing voice and you should have an idea what this is all about. This guy.. what’s his name? Carl Kubinsky? Should I know him? What a talent anyway! He makes this entire band sound like a mainstream band God damned! It’s even beyond belief this is a little band from a little country. I adore the way this formation brings an atmosphere into their music and as I’ve said before; there’s always something happening on “Duality”.

I can never believe Cellar Twins will stay into Belgium, to play gigs in the local venues. This is a band that is able to make it worldwide and it has been a long time ago I was so impressed by a Belgian band. Cellar Twins is able to make it in the USA, to make it everywhere! I’m quite sure there might be a large public waiting for these Belgians. I suppose it is now waiting for a big label to contract these guys and show them the right path, to support them on a fair way. Musical wise these lads don’t have to learn any lessons. If it wasn’t that 2019 is too far away I would have added this one in my year list. It’s a pity the Belgian metal scène became saturated and complicated. Check http://www.cellartwins.com

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)