CHALICE – LOST CONNECTION (Independent / Hard Life Promotion)

Review by Stefan

This band comes from the south west part of Belgium and was founded by bass player Chris Lagrange in 1998. During the first years of existence it was a coming and going of musicians, but the band stayed up to date, which is quite an achievement when you know that the competition in the metal world is merciless. Chalice still carry the label of an unsigned band but that never stopped them from releasing some excellent albums like “There Is Nothing”, “Closure”, “Ashes Of Hope”,…. recently they released a new EP, “Lost Connection” loaded with 2 new songs.

Chalice guarantees unadulterated brutal death metal and I have to tell being not the biggest fan of this genre, yet I have to admit that with the album “Ashes Of Hope” my interest in this band increased. Everything had to do with the fact that the musical approach became more and more technical and there was a clear focus on the variable aspect. The charismatic singer on duty Pieter has a very special voice that cuts through heart and soul. Aggressive and dark to the bone, yet he always knows how to apply the right tone, so there is absolutely no question of boredom. My vision about the two guitarists Tim & Nicolas is very positive, the mutual cooperation is contagious and in the field of technical actions, both score meritoriously high.

Supplier of the bass lines Chris proves that his many years of service have paid off. He exudes persuasiveness and elegance, qualities that you, as a musician, can only achieve by practicing hard. The new and young drummer Niels gives the best of himself and his flamboyant appearance is proportional to his excellent drum techniques. An indispensable force for Chalice if you ask me, someone with a potential power !

When you attend a performance of Chalice you are immersed in a world of filth and sadness. Their performances are always spectacular and singer Pieter certainly has something to do with that. It can be a bloody affair when he’s waving an axe. The visual aspect during a live act always gives added value and Chalice succeeds completely.

What to expect from their latest EP “Lost Connection”? Read my thoughts as follows… “Dwelling” starts in ‘easy mode’, very dark and subdued but after a while all the devils are disbanded and hell breaks loose. The vocal lines are extremely harsh, screeching, intense to the core… boisterous and headstrong ! Feels like a mixture between Dani Filth and Quorthon to me. The whole song portrays the dark side of life, the agonizing tempo plays an important role in this song. Peculiar, yet very unique performance that fuels the dark in my soul.

‘Why’ is of a different caliber, the song structure reach a higher level and the guitars stand out better, harder and faster ! The knife is immediately carved to the bone right from the start, there is no escape ! Despite the violence throughout the entire song, the band still finds a good balance during the build-up. Empowering frontman Pieter leaves a good impression again, especially when you like extreme violence. Ominous and unstoppable forces are offered in this well-balanced composition. Besides talented guitarists and a unique vocalist, the bass and drums are part and parcel of Chalice’s fold.

This EP contains only two songs, but this proves once again that Chalice defends his own territory with full devotion and potential power. With this way tracks I also see them making a good impression in the foreign extreme metal scene. Thoughtful, technical, dark, brutal and very aggressive,….  defenders of this distinctly genre are urged to include Chalice in their collection. Death, black and thrash metal followers, check ‘em out at: /  /

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)