CHALICE – TREMBLING CROWN (High Roller Records / Soulfood)

Review by Officer Nice

I have found 10 bands with the name of Chalice… First question was, which one are we talking about. I know Belgium has a Thrash/Death Metal band with this name, but this is not the one we’re talking about. As a fan of US Metal I know there were a few bands over there that were named Chalice but to be sure, this Chalice is from Finland.  

Actually this is a pretty new band and besides an EP they only released a demo before. You should know both had pretty good critics and I expect this “Trembling Crown” to receive very good reviews as well. This is a modern band with an old sound, a bench of youngsters who just want to play some good Metal. A band they remind me of is Idle Hands from the USA, a band that released some really great stuff the last years. Is it the sound or the way the songs are arranged and performed that makes me thin to them? I don’t know but I really like what I hear.  

I hear really fantastic guitars, sometimes mysterious arrangements, sometimes shredding leads and anything is influenced by some real progressive tunes. I hear some great Flamenco (I love it) and old-fashioned keyboards. Sometimes this is Doom, at other points Chalice is a bit Progressive and there is some kind of ‘Cult’ atmosphere around here. Overall this music is a bit apart and after a few spins it is clear to me the vocals reminds me to Idle Hands as well. In the biography there is written that there are similarities with Pagan Altar’s Terry Jones or Mark Shelton (RIP) from Manilla Road. I can live with that but what I really want to say is that it also makes this band sound very good. 

Fans of traditional Metal, with a dark sound and mysterious mood shouldn’t doubt purchasing this one. This is really good stuff and a band with lots of trumps (not the president) in their hands. This is a formation that can grow, that is able to reach a bigger crowd of old school Metal fanatics. Keep your eyes on them because we’ll hear more about them in the future. With a bit of luck we will see them on stage as well, one day….. Order HERE. Chalice online: 

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)