charcoalcitycdcovergreyscaleReview by Sloof: This is actually an independent release but the band decided to name their occasional label Deezee Records. Charcoalcity is a Belgian band (some call them CCC) with an industrial touch and their mainman Peter De Zutter recorded all instruments and vocals in his home studio. Saying that CCC is a band isn’t really correct as it all began as a solo project but Peter teamed up with some friends to get the music of CCC to crowds as well. The trio play live gigs, but their Industrial Wave Metal is originated in Ghent, in the mind of Peter ‘Deezee’.

About 2 years ago, the teaser ‘Leave’ was posted on the YouTube channel arousing a stir on the internet nearly one week before the attacks at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. The video resulted in good promotion and Mausoleum records showed interest. Despite the passing of Alfie (owner of Mausoleum), the members decided to promote the material in a DIY style, with “Greyscale” as a final result.

‘Darkness Rules’ is the opener on “Greyscale” which has a very retiring arrangement, it’s almost like Cold Wave where Marilyn Manson meets Type O Negative. ‘Feed Me’ is lesser dark and the drums take control while adding more melody in the song. There are some electro influences and the pace increases with ‘Gasoline’ where a staccato rhythm like Rammstein results in a song that would fit as a single release. The quality takes control in ‘Democracy’ as Dance beats interfere with guitar riffs and the pleasure continues with Anne Clark potential in the song ‘Leave’. The title track of this album has a spoken word intro followed by heavy guitars and dance beats (yes indeed, this band proves that these things can mix together). Again another highlight! ‘You Can’t Take My Soul’ has Rammstein influences and indicates that the second part of this album is heavier and delivers better quality.

I’m not a fan of Sisters Of Mercy, but Charcoalcity is inspired by this U.K. band, without adding too much pressure to the songs. The whole album needs a little time to discover, but once you opened your mind, you will agree that CCC delivered a wonderful album that will appeal to those that have a wide taste and the Gothic scene in general. Charcoalcity Facebook at:

My rating: 80/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it