CHASING GHOSTS – THESE HOLLOW GODS (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Stefan: Formed late 2014 by Lee Brueton (bass/synth/keyboard), UK based Chasing Ghosts put themselves on the map with their quite unique brand of dark boosted heavy rock/metal music. Although the band is influenced by troops as late Anathema/Paradise Lost/Moonspell, every now and then, I hear a little touch of Evergrey/Evanescence touches as well. “This Hollow Gods” can be seen as a concept album about living your live with an unbearable loss, regret and new beginnings day after day. Actually the way of life each one of us has the deal with. Long story short, Chasing Ghosts’ newest output is fully manufactured (from the production to the artwork and from the mix to the photography) by the band themselves.

Never heard of the band before, nor did I heard about the four members. Besides founding member Lee B. we have Harry Mitten who handle the lead guitar movements, Ashley Clark teamed up as rhythm guitar player, Nelson Cancini joined the fold to become the front man.

Not that far removed from gothic metal, the album has been laden with eight songs darker than the blackness of the night, therefore I’d like to define their style simply dark metal where melody and emotions are the key. Although the band bring also some modern minded groovy alternative, quite doomy/stoner elements to the table as well. The vocals are good for this brand of music, no matter to go low or using his throat in a clean way… right guy on the right place. The songwriting seem rather monotonous and simple in my opinion and I haven’t heard any surprising tempo changes.

Actually I’m the wrong person to review an album like this one, someone from the younger generation would appreciate this album much more than I do. Dark or gothic directed metal has never been my thing, yet I notice that Chasing Ghosts is able to release something good and solid that is valuable for the real lover of the genre. It is never my intention to criticize a band because of their style, that would be ridiculous and unfair. Even the fact I don’t like the band’s style, I still know Chasing Ghosts are potential and ready to compete with many others within this typical genre. Due to they create the whole album by themselves, my respect to Chasing Ghosts is forthright.

Fans of late Anathema/Paradise Lost/Moonspell/Katatonia better look out for this UK dark metal act’s debut full length album. “These Hollow Gods” is made for the true worshipper of this gem, myself not included !  Additional info at:

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