CHEVALIER – A CALL TO ARMS (Forgotten Wisdom Productions)

Review by Omni: In spite of a lack of convincingly old school speed metal these days, I haven’t heard much about Finland’s Chevalier. Formed in 2016 with a lineup featuring members of Demon’s Gate, Chevalier is a breath of fresh air among the sterile metal that we’re subjected to these days. One of the reasons that they truly stand out is because of Emma Gröngqvist’s excellent vocals, as there are few great female vocalists in metal today. Produces by Jori Meriläinen of Gentry Lord, this EP contains six songs of speed metal might.

As soon as “Under the Sceptre” kicked into high gear, I knew that I was in for a treat. The songs are dynamic, aggressive and loaded with catchy riffs and vocal melodies. Everything is suitably raw and the production doesn’t ever really go beyond that of a quality demo recording. This style of production is perfect for speed metal. I found myself playing this EP again and again and humming the melodies between listening sessions. It’s really that catchy!

I really enjoyed all of the songs on this EP, but “The Sorcerer” and “Ride for Revenge” are my favorites. Seek this out if you live for old school metal. This is a highlight among great releases from 2017, and probably the best example of retro metal this year. Essential. Order at:  / 

My rating: 90/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)