Review by Omni: Having both made waves with great releases in 2017, two of the best bands in the Finnish heavy metal scene have since united for this split 7” release. Each band contributed one exclusive track that was recorded on analog equipment specifically for vinyl. For the initiated, Chevalier had released an EP entitled A Call to Arms and Legionnaire had released a full-length album entitled Dawn of Genesis. Owing to the excellence of these efforts, this collaborative release has been widely anticipated by fans of both bands.

I can hardly think of two current bands who would be more suited to such a release. Both of these bands play a distinct brand of heavy metal with a medieval edge that is well-suited to the almost cavernous brand of production that is on offer here. Fans of the dungeon heavy metal offered by Brocas Helm will probably recognize some of that sound here. It’s a strange sound to choose for heavy metal, but it really fits the material. “The Greed of the Cross” is Chevalier’s contribution, and it lines up with the heavy/speed metal style that they delivered on A Call to Arms . There are some great melodies in this song and Emma’s vocals are a highlight. She’s quickly become one of my favorite female metal vocalists. Legionnaire’s “Born of Blood and Ash” is just as good, with some almost melancholic guitar and powerful vocals by Aku. Dawn of Genesis was a late discover for me, and I’ve been dying to hear more from Legionnaire.

The songs on this split are just as strong as the bands’ previous outings. If you’re a fan of classic heavy metal, this would be a great introduction to two of Finland’s best heavy metal bands. If you were a fan of A Call to Arms and Dawn of Genesis, you will definitely enjoy this new material. Fans of overproduced and flashy modern metal need not apply. Additional info:  /    Additional info Legionnaire:  /

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)