CHILDRENN – INTERNATIONAL EXIT (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Officer Nice: In for something special? Well, than might Childrenn be something you were looking for the latest weeks of the year 2017. I didn’t know what to expect when I received this one. The front cover is nice but a bit bizarre and I didn’t have a clue what to expect with this band form… Where are these guys from actually? Denmark?  I guess so and reading the names of the members on the biography makes me believe I can’t be that wrong. It seems these guys are coming from well-known Danish acts…I have never heard about. Well, I suppose they really have never been in the Metal scène. That doesn’t really matters, as long as the music is good.  Also the band’s picture declares I don’t have to expect some pure Metal.

What Childrenn stands for? Well, it is something for very open minded people who like the Seventies Rock, the very old Heavy Metal and those psychedelic Rock bands from in the Seventies. Add some New Wave, some Grunge and you will might have a bit of an idea how this weird band sounds. This isn’t something for people who like their music ‘easy on the ear’, nor is it for people who want to bang their head the entire album or dance the night away. This band delivers a wide range of musical tunes but proves overall that they have something special, something that actually keeps the listener focused. I was never bored while I listened to this in my dark desk… and actually I like it. I like the way the guitars are played, the arrangements are making my mind become dark and melancholic, how these lads are playing insane riffs in my thoughts, the way singer Jacob Brixen delivers me that bizarre mood. You don’t hear me say Childrenn sounds like The Doors but more than once these Sixties heroes crossed my mind. Maybe old Pink Floyd is another good band to find similarities. Or let’s mention old David Bowie?

It might be strange to add this review on a pure Metal webzine, nevertheless it is a very nice CD to listen to. I don’t add every album, I make a review about, to my collection but for some reasons I feel the need to take this one home. Maybe I’ll listen to it several times in the future because I adore the darkness in it, that insane mood, that odd sound. This crazy ensemble of gifted and intelligent musicians created something great. No, it doesn’t sound like Ghost, that’s a Pop band, Childrenn is far more intelligent and ten thousands of times better because they really know how good old school Rock sounds. Just check this one out and discover… Check:

My rating: 86/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)