CHIRO – TUNNEL (Target/Mighty Music Records)

Review by Meuris: CHIRO apparently is not only the name of a youth organization in my country but apparently also the name of a Danish metal quartet whose members have been around in metal scene since the eighties. Anyway it’s now well into the 2000”s  and “Tunnel”  is their official full length debut album.

What’s on offer is grooving metal with a  resemblance to  the NOLA  groove of bands like Crowbar,  Down, COC (the Pepper Keenan style COC that is).

Unfortunately  “Tunnel” is not the at same level as some of the outputs of the  aforementioned examples. Granted, the sound is good and they have a good groove going but not the level that it gets my blood pumping faster, it all sounds so safe… and to be fair, Linnert Poulen‘s vocal range is   pretty limited which does not help me in my fight against boredom when listening to Chiro.

Can’t help  but thinking that this is a missed opportunity. Dare to rock guys !

My rating: 55/100 (Bad, substandard)