COMMANDO – RITES OF DAMNATION (High Roller Records/Soulfood)

Review by Officer Nice

From out of Sweden I’d like represent you Commando, a new band. I really need to go visit Sweden, not only for the most beautiful women on earth but also for all those awesome Metal bands. Sweden knows a big Metal scène, with a big history so yes, it should be worth a visit.

In my hands I have the EP of Commando, a few youngsters who like traditional Metal. These guys really know how to get the listener attention with their very enriched and tasteful arrangements. They are combining midtempo Thrash Metal with very interesting Heavy Metal tunes. It’s a bit a mixture of Megadeth with Mercyful Fate, Meliah Rage with old Iron Maiden. It is the kind of record you’d play on a higher volume, on you will take your time for.

I really like this release because of the dark and old school atmosphere on it. This could have been released in 1988 and we should have loved it. I hear an energetic band, awesome riffs, good leads and a special kind of screaming vocals, they call it hysterical vocals. Anyway, it fits and it makes this band work for me.

I really can’t wait for this band to release their real debut album. Until then I need to do it with this EP, which I really like. Let’s hope High Roller Records will release it on vinyl too. Check

My rating: 85/100 Good in its own genre, recommended to those hooked on it