COMPENDIUM OF METAL VOL. 10 – Metal On Metal Records

Review by Stefan: The 10th. Metal On Metal Records compilation CD, loaded with 14 songs spread across a running time of 73+ minutes, is without a doubt a must-have for all those into underground metal. Various types of the metal genre are offered… “Compendium Of Metal Vol. 10” will make the heart beat faster of those hooked on traditional heavy power metal/doom metal/old school black thrash/US thrash metal… there is something for everyone. Also the booklet looks (as always) very professional including nice images and necessary info on each band contributing to this compilation.

Jowita Kaminska, CEO of MOM Records shines on the front cover standing tall with a crowbar in hands at a car cemetery. Let me be straight – fans of modern metal are not allowed here… on the other hand, defenders of true metal will have a real good time listening to all of the bands. Some of the participating songs were already released in the past, all well done compositions done by bands like: Risen Prophecy (outstanding thrash/power metal out of the UK), Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus (blackened heavy doom metal from Malta), Cadaveric Posion (with P. Speckmann) and its old type of death/thrash metal. Germany based traditional heavy metal bands Wildhunt, Sacred Gate and Metal Law offer one by one a track from their previous album. More older songs come from US metal gods Meliah Rage and Attacker. If you might familiar with all of these songs, Metal On Metal Records proudly present some new material as well, check it out !

Back in April, new albums from German old school blackthrashers Outrage saw daylight, entitled “And The Bedlam Broke Loose” can be described as their best effort since day of birth in 1983. I wrote the review for this piece myself so I invite you to check out THIS link to read all about my opinion. The same month, one of the newcomers on Metal On Metal Records was introduced by the name of Eternal Thirst. Five piece Chilean heavy/power metal formed in 2006, Eternal Thirst took me by surprise right from the start of their third, new album “The Hellish Fight Goes On”. High pitched vocals and a typical US Metal character in the vein of Liege Lord, Attacker, Skullview and stuff… my alley for sure. Read my review right HERE . Another release was launched in April, UK based The Lamp Of Thoth’s newest cut “This Is Not A Laughing Matter” delivers a great blend of heavy metal and doom as it should be, old school ! The band doesn’t exist any longer but two of its members Simon and Emily are playing in Arkham Witch right now so in fact, the legend still lives on. Fans hooked on the sound of good old Cirith Ungol, Saint Vitus or Witchfinder General have to check out their, probably, final digital album. Additional info on the effort can be read at THIS link, my own review actually.

More new releases are underway to unleash, check it out… US power/thrash metal icons Meliah Rage will bring out a new album entitled “Idol Hands”. Planned for a July 2017 release, awaiting to that moment I enjoy a 1987 demo song called ‘Enter The Darkness’, taken from their “Before The Kill” (featuring Mike Munroe). According to what I heard, Paul Souza is back in the fold which means a lot to me as a fan which makes me VERY curious about the whole new album.

Also In July, there will be a new Emerald album coming up. Established in Holland (1985) and their style of heavy metal music seasoned with NWOBHM ingredients still speaks to my imagination. Respect and dignity for all bands in the running for many decades, Emerald is made for aficionados of Thin Lizzy, UFO, Diamond Head, Cloven Hoof and the likes so better look out for their brand new output “Voice For The Silent”.

For the first time in the history of Metal On Metal Records, a Belgian band named Horacle was selected to release a new album. The compilation brings you ‘Swmp Of The Deceased’, a previously unreleased song taken from their 2017 demo. Horacle’s brand new, full length effort will see daylight in November 2017, entitled “Carmine Grounds”. Really like the band’s style as there are many references with US Metal, an added value for defenders of this awesome gem. Clear vocals in the vein of Bruce Dickinson or Tom Malicoat (Lethal), loads of melodic leads, sharp riffs,… in short, Horacle is real good and can’t wait to hear the new album !

Heavy/doom metal merchants Arkham Witch’s new album is also planned to be released in November  2017. At this collector they represent the title song of the new CD, “Sentinels Of Steel”. Previously unreleased, it’s actually a demo track recorded during the “I Am Providence” sessions but the band decided to not add it to the track list of this album. Real good composition to me and glad it’ll make it to the new album. Manilla Road, Hell, Cirith Ungol, Saint Vitus fans are recommended to keep an eye on Arkham Witch’s new album for sure !

To conclude this review, I’m thrilled to spread the word about the new album of UK based power/thrash metal band named Risen Prophecy that’ll be unleashed in November 2017. Well, their previous effort “Into The Valley Of Hinnom” was so damn good, I gave a score of 95/100 at the end of my discussion. This one took me by me by the throat right from beginning. Influenced by some of my personal faves like Sindrome, Forbidden, Hellhound (USA), early Iced Earth, Testament and stuff… “ITVOH” made me shiver of pure inner pleasure and already hoped on a sequel to this masterpiece. Like a dream comes true, the new Risen Prophecy “Voices From The Dust” seems well underway to be released within a few months. Whatever it takes, I want to have my own copy of this forthcoming effort shining in my huge CD collection!

Order your own copy of “Compendium Of Metal Vol. 10” especially when you’re NOT a follower of modern type of metal music ! Metal On Metal Records is known for their professional delivery of true metal, the more old school – the better ! You can order for the democratic price of 6 euro at:!/VV-AA-“Compendium-of-Metal-Vol-10”-CD/p/83978534/category=2707104  Good compilation albums seems hard to find since a long time, that’s why I’d like to recommend the “Compendium Of Metal” series so much. Underground metal in its purest way, don’t think twice and purchase on the double folks! 

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)