Review by Stefan

This is the third album in line for which I have a lot of admiration, all because of the pure Heavy Metal content winking to times long gone. Conjuring Fate were originally formed by guitarist Phil Horner back in 2005 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During the first years it was difficult to build up a stable line up but as times went by, all became good. FYI, read the following statement of founder Phil Horner himself: “We all grew up on our daily dose of Maiden and Saxon… Sound wise we are now situated in between NWOBHM and Classic Power Metal”. Clear language from a wise man who knows what he’s talking about !

I’ve listened to their latest album “Curse Of The Fallen” several times and the description Phil gives is true as no other. The new piece is the sequel to their debut EP “House On The Haunted Hill” (2014) and first full-length “Valley Of Shadows” (2016). Be wary of a real Heavy/Power Metal assault in which everything sounds sincere and far removed from modern musical developments, thank you God ! During a playing time op 42 minutes, you’ll be spoiled with 10 brand new, very good written and produced songs which glows my music system at full power.

I meet two excellent guitarists who get along very well. While hearing these gentlemen fulfilling their job you’re in the middle of something magical. I am witnessing a very refined interplay from which numerous strong riffs and a flood of celestial solos flow, an almighty display of both axe wielders ! I’m also very excited about the drums and bass lines in the camp of Conjuring Fate. As far as I’m concerned, these are two instruments that guarantee to give a band the necessary support, especially in the rhythmic sections. A thunderous drum throne and the sound of a fat bass guitar are indispensable parts in a well-oiled metal machine. These comments are particularly pertinent to this Irish lads !

As you can read my approval rises to the top, not to mention the singer, who also delivers a brilliant performance as well. I wouldn’t call Tommy Daly a world-class singer but I really appreciate his way of acting because everything sounds so pure, quite unique. He knows perfectly what he is capable of and he sticks to his own qualities. It’s no use getting more out of your voice than you are capable of. Don’t go beyond your own musical boundaries, that’s the only way to come across credible to the listener. Conclusion on Tommy’s vocal deliveries: simple-straight from the heart-awesome !

Without exaggerating or wanting to add too many frills, this whole band sounds really super interesting to listen to. I can enjoy music the most when everything is brought to me in a natural way, straight from the heart. That’s the feeling I get when listening to Conjuring Fate’s latest album “Curse Of The Fallen”.

Throughout the entire album, nothing but strong songs as powerful, melodic and well manufactured as can will embrace your speakers. An interesting mixture of powerloaded Heavy Metal (both Teutonic/US styled) & NWOBHM. A valuable product that has me in its grip, one of the better releases of the last few months ! Order at:  CF online: / /

My rating: 89/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)