Review by Officer Nice: I wrote before that I have been to Ireland this year. This country is worth a holiday because it’s really beautiful out there and this touristic tip should not be denied if you like to travel. The nature but also the culture are amazing and more than once I have been astonished! I love this country and I’ll be back, I even want to die there! The history of the druids, the inheritance of the medieval centuries, the amazing shores, the history of “the trouble”, I had a great time there.

In Dublin I also noticed there is a Metal scène in Ireland and I even discovered, by coincidence, a Metal Pub. It proofs that Metal lives out there and Conjuring Fate is one of the Irish bands you should remember. Also in the UK Metal becomes more popular and one after another band is coming up with an interesting album. Mister Hell from the Hell Spawn webzine knows all about it and follows this scène from very close.

Well, this band released an EP in 2014 which had very good reviews and now they strike again with their first full album. This is a band that produces very enjoyable Heavy Metal, based on the Eighties style and in a blender with some more Power Metal sounds. It’s a bit Saxon, Accept, Iron Maiden in combination with Armored Saint, Exiled and other traditional US Metal bands. This is pure Eighties Metal with a modern sound, thanks to the clear production. Double leads, duo riffing, some hooks and breaks here and there….The choruses and refrains are recognizable but believe me, you’ll like it. This band plays the game on a melodic way and the result is that all the song are ‘easy on the ear’ but with enough Power to make this real head banging stuff. Add a decent singer and you have about the picture what this band is all about.

Conjuring Fate even has a video for “Dr. Frankenstein” . It is a very cool and professional made video-clip which surely represents this band. It is also one of the most powerful songs. Heavy and sharp riffing, nice bass tunes and great drums. But believe me if I say this is the red line on the entire album.  It takes only a few seconds, if you’re on line, to watch their clip and I am convinced some will immediately search for this album. A good effort from these Irish lads. Check: 

My rating: 81/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)