Review by Officer Nice: I’ve seen year lists on Facebook and I’ve read the discussions about it. Some people dare to say 2018 wasn’t a good year and there weren’t enough good albums to make even a top ten. Well, I don’t agree at all and I can easily name 20 great new releases, even more… I still don’t know what will end in my top 3, but a few days during the holidays will give me the time to re-listen the ‘older’ albums of this year. I hope it will enlighten me afterwards. Anyway, even in my favorite genre, US Metal, it has been a good year, so you don’t hear me complain.

In my hand I have a CD from a formation out of Pennsylvania / USA. This is the fifth album of Corners of Sanctuary, a band I didn’t actually follow until now. That’s actually bizarre, as a big fan of US Metal, because this is after all a true Metal band. Listening to “The galloping hordes” I can’t say there is something wrong about this band, the opposite is true. This kind of Metal sounds great and always works for me. This is ‘old school’ and in other words totally influenced by the Eighties Metal scène. I hear galloping rhythms, varied arrangements, good riffing and decent song writing. I hear great melodic lines and the enthusiasm drips out of my speakers! This is a band that knows how to deliver the goods and without releasing something exceptional this band kept me listening to this one.

This is a band that reminds me often to W.A.S.P.  and (old) Anvil although they sound darker, what makes them more interesting to me. It makes me realize that some good musicians are at work here and their front man, Frankie Cross, really contains a good voice. He encloses the typical kind of vocal sound US Metal fanatics will adore, including the high screams. I am totally in for this kind of vocals! It is more than a surplus for me and one of the good reasons this CD stayed in my player for several days. I hear great lead guitars and they give this record some special mood. A track like “Lies In Your Eyes” makes me totally thrilled and I repeat the old Anvil flashes through my mind. But also “Encage, Enslave Or Die”, with the higher backing vocals in the back, are wanted! Also in the faster and heavier sounding songs COS succeeds and I didn’t hear many weaknesses, although the “hey hey” didn’t work for me.

Anyway, this album grew on me during the several spins I gave it. It is a band that doesn’t have to look for popular sounding melodies because, to me, their strength can be found in the darker kind of tracks. These kind of songs brings me closer to my favorite kind of Metal. The bonus track, “My Revenge” is a very good example of what I am talking about. Corners Of Sanctuary is a good tip for fans of True and classic Heavy Metal. Check

My rating: 84/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)