coronaskiescdcoverragmentsofrealityReview by Sloof: This album makes me happy! It took a little while, but after +10 spins, I know exactly what this band was thinking when they wrote the songs of ‘Fragments Of Reality’. Musically, it was executed in a correct way, lyrically, I had some serious doubts about the topics. For example, lyrics about your childhood, about longing for a beer and when the summer season takes place, you can say ‘If I get burned I burn with style’… I agree that all these items and topics are Fragments Of Reality but somehow, I prefer more mature lyrics, perhaps because I prefer to live in a darker mood. Anyhow, besides some ‘everyday events’ they also write songs with a more mystical approach (for example ‘Only The Gods Are Lonely’) which result in a lesser childish approach, and that’s good!

Corona Skies is a band from Finland, and the sextet likes to describe their music as a mixture of Dragonforce and Sonata Arctica. This bastard child is not that progressive or technical, but produces the same positive vibe as Stratovarius and Freedom Call. When they entered the Noise For Fiction Studios, their goal was to create an album full of different moods and nuances that would reflect different aspects and events of life, and believe it or not, they succeeded all the way. I do like their atmospheric approach where many things are happening without knowing exactly what path they will follow.

For example the track ‘Falling Sky’ that has a ballad approach, but delivers so much more with a very intense feeling! Besides a Scandinavian touch, they also seem to be influenced by the NWOBHM bands. Tracks like ‘Business Suits You’ and ‘Big Boys Blues’ have the same vibe in the arrangement and the sound of Matias Knuuttila and Panu Aho their guitars goes back to the mighty years of the United Kingdom! The vocals of Oskari Salovaara aren’t aggressive or powerful at all as he has a very enjoyable throat that might be considered as average and not really metal sounding. But, and that’s probably the most important issue: he’s capable to get the song into the perfect shape and vibe. He’s discrete but effective at the same time and that’s praiseworthy!

As said before, it took a while before I discovered the true essence of this band, but I’m glad that perseverance finally payed off! I’m sure that Corona Skies is getting some more spins in the upcoming days and weeks and I wonder if the songs are going to increase in quality once more! Fans of melodic Metal with a great sounding voice and a wide range of musical skills, this is something to explore!

My rating: 86/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)