CORONARY – SINBAD (Cruz Del Sur / Soulfood)

Review by Stefan

Life can sometimes take strange and unexpected turns, that’s what happened to two members of this Finnish band. Guitarist Aku Kytölä and drummer Pate Vuorio met while browsing the used vinyl section at the Tampere flea market in 2017. Both had the same musical interest and the mutual contact became stronger and stronger, first plans for founding a Heavy Metal band were made over time. Going straight for their goal and started with recruitment of well suited band members including Korpiklaani bassist Jarkko Aaltonen. Second guitarist became Jukka Holm, the frontman’s name is Olli Kärki.

First they recorded “Demo 2018” followed by good reactions from press and media sources , Gates Of Hell Records even compared Coronary with Canadian HM revelation, Traveler. But the time appeared to have come for the real thing, recording a first full-length album.  Recorded at Headline Studio in Tampere-Finland and under the wings of producer/engineer Jari Latornaa, Coronary’s debut “Sinbad” was ready to be introduced to the general public and I can guarantee you that it’s really worth checking out the 10 songs present.

The title track gets the honor of opening the album, I listen intently and immediately get a very good feeling inside. The nature of this five-man formation is pure old school and are heavily influenced by the most famous bands in the history of the Heavy Metal music. Bright vocals that I think can be placed in the Classic Heavy Metal and NWOBHM category, quirky and well maintained voice sound ! Also strikingly good are the twin guitar actions, the two gentlemen have a good interaction with each other and deliver a fine performance in terms of both riffs and solos. Anthem ‘The Hammer’ pays tribute to the good ol’ days of Heavy Metal, you can sing the chorus along loudly in search of that inner youthful feeling of yesteryear. “Firewings” is a solid song of pure steel that puts the diaphragm of your speakers to a stern test. According to my reasoning THE highlight of the whole album, outstanding performance by a very convincing team of Metal soldiers ! More old-school bangers of stature come your way with songs like “Fight St. 666” and “Mestengo,” two interesting pieces that can be tagged as absolute standouts. ‘I Can Feel This Love’ made me suspect in advance that it would be a ballad like it was in the 80s. Many albums released back then often had one (or more) softer songs on board as well, remember? What Coronary does is very strong, it actually starts off very easy (like a ballad actually) but as the song progresses we get rather a well-organized Hard Rock/Heavy Metal composition.

“Sinbad” is ,without a doubt, a very pleasant effort that will give you a fat chunk of time as an old school metalhead. A new band that in a masterful way so to speak brings an ode to a period where Metal still sounded like the word itself, Metal! Simple but driven to the bone, these guys bring back nothing but good memories and I refer with nostalgia to the Gods Of Metal, notably: Scorpions, Judas Priest, Accept, Saxon,… You know what I mean, don’t you ? Coronary online: / Order CD edition HERE. Into Vinyl ? Place your order via THIS link.

My rating: 87/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)