COWARDS – STILL (Dooweet Records)


cowardscdcoverstillReview by Sloof: Cowards introduces us to their new EP after their second full length album ‘Rise To Infamy’ from 2015. The label added an infosheet with the album and they advise to take a good look at the front cover, as ‘it promises a great finesse with birds and butterflies from around’. What we see is a man falling down from the third floor into the direction of a parked car… Some kind of humor at the end of the year is always welcomed!

‘Still’ covers 5 tracks, played by and for people who have strictly zero concern about fitting in any scene, ever. Three of the songs are executed with sharpest riffing and contains the vilest grooves while there are also 2 life crushing covers (The Police and The Horrorist) in the grand Cowards tradition. This Parisian quintet is an unrelenting force that destroys everything in their way and beyond, question is, is it still enjoyable for the ignorant?

The extreme brutal beginning of ‘Still (Paris Most Nothing)’) has a breakdown/slowdown moment after one minute but accelerates another time in the typical Cult Of Luna tradition. ‘Like Us’ starts dragging, hard to get in shape, but results in another sonic attack. It’s like Anaal Nathrakh in an Emocore situation. Anaal Nathrakh covered Iron Maiden’ ‘Powerslave’ into a totally original version on their latest album ‘Whole Of The Law’, same goes for Cowards. They forced their claws into ‘Every Breath You Take’ from The Police and this results in a total sick interpretation of this milestone. The best track is ‘One Night In Any City’ as it is the story of a girl that goes to NYC with some friends and finally results in a musical horror fragment. It contains the most diverse elements and it’s brought with a lot of charisma. Cowards is original, really extreme and might appeal to those that prefer unusual stuff.

My rating: 78/100 (Decent but best previewing)