CRASHDIËT – RUST (Frontiers)

Review by Jason Houston: 2019 is coming to an end real, real soon as many of you Hard Rock/Metal fans know this is one time of the year when we get a lot of new music releases just in time for the Holiday season!  While I’ve heard of Swedish Hard Rockers Crashdiët before and thought they were pretty good at what they do I’ll be real honest with you until giving a listen to their latest CD entitled “Rust” I had no idea what I was missing which is why I urge anyone who has never heard this band to visit the band’s FB/YT Page and listen to some of the tunes/videos and you’ll be an instant fan like me after listening to the band’s latest CD from start to finish!

Now anytime I review a CD I think it’s only fair to listen to all of the songs from start to finish so that I can give a fair review, and get a taste for what the band and their latest release is all about.  Now while I won’t say that Crashdiët has re-invented the wheel or anything like that what I will say is this band oozes some HUGE TALENT! This is a straight ahead Hard Rock/Metal band and the beauty is they are what they are and what they are is a band that really stands on its own and can deliver the Hard Rock/Metal good that their fans have come to expect!

Now if you’re a fan of old tradition Hard Rock/Metal you’re going to just love this band!  The overall sound I’ll say is completely 80s styled and has a bit of a Guns N Roses edge to what they do!  That’s not to say that they’re a Guns N Roses clone band or anything like that but rather a band that wears their influences proudly on their sleeves!  If loud guitars, big drums that sound like thunder and a powerhouse voice up front then Crashdiët is one band that you really should check out!  Like I said I’ve heard the band’s name:  Crash Diet before, I’ve come across the band’s Facebook page but I could not name one Crash Diet song, one band member but after listening to the latest Crash Diet effort “Rust” that is going to change I promise you!

Their newest work really doesn’t disappoint!  Proof of that is the fact that I listened to the entire CD without skipping ahead to the next song.  All 11 tracks are really something special!  The majority of the songs are pretty much your standard 80’s Hard Rock/Metal songs but the two tracks to my ears that really stand out are “In The Maze” and “Waiting For Your Love”  “In The Maze” is probably the most radio friendly tune and “Waiting For Your Love” I’d say is the closest you’ll get to a ballad on the entire album!  While they do indeed have a Guns N Roses influence to what they do I also hear a bit of a Def Leppard  influence as well.  I really love the title track as well for the simple fact it’s just a great Hard Rock tune and a great way to kick off the new record!  Now while “Rust” is a piece that I’ll be playing over and over in my CD Player. I promise you the next thing I plan to do is check out the band’s back catalog of music at:

My rating: 100/100 (Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !)