CREDIC – AGORA (Green Zone Music / H’Art)

Review by Officer Nice: I don’t know if you like classic music like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven? Do you? I do, I actually adore it. Not all of them but when I was walking in Venice a few weeks ago and heard some Vivaldi in the background, at a restaurant, my imagination worked for one hundred percent. I just love it when music works on my imagination. These composers were real artists and their music will last forever. The reason I am bringing it up is the fact that this album starts with some calm – a bit classical – music and I really like this intro. It is only some tranquility before the storm is breaking lose because Credic is as a matter of fact a Death Metal band from Germany…

I really like the way hells breaks loose and with “The masquerade” this band immediately shows who they are and what the real plans are. This is technical Death Metal, influenced for a part by the old school but with a huge part of ingredients of modern sounding bands like In Flames or let’s say Arch Enemy. This is the second effort of Credic and I suppose die-hard fans of Death Metal don’t need any introduction.

I like this band and this album because these musicians know how to write a good song. Although this is pure Death Metal there was attention for melody and catchy arrangements. The leads are impressive intense played, just the way I like it. The atmosphere is dark, there is something about this band… Credic is a Progressive band and the tempi varies during the entire album, actually in every single track. The riffs are razor sharp and the drums are responsible, along with the strong bass lines, for a true wall of sound. Stefan Shue growls and makes grunts all the time, like he’s some kind of a beast. It fits this kind of music perfectly. Yet I always wonder how this should sound with clear vocals, let’s say how Death can become Control Denied…

Fans of technical Death Metal shouldn’t doubt a slice of a second to purchase this one. The thing is that only a few extreme Metal bands are able to convince a bigger crowd and I don’t know if Credic is able doing that. I am, on the other side, pretty sure a few non Death Metal freaks can appreciate this as well. Anyway, to me this is a top album in its genre. Check

My rating: 86/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)