CREEPING FEAR – ONWARD TO APOCALYPSE (Dolorem Records/Dooweet Agency)

Review by Stefan: Creeping Fear is a Parisian outfit consisting of four members with a passion to act real brutal as they play their own way of Death Metal. Their first creation was the EP called “Execution World”, now two years later on the time has come to present its full length album “Onward To Apocalypse” through French label Dolorem Records, specialized in extreme, brutal Metal music. To get an idea of all the stuff they’ve brought out so far, check:

When it comes to Death Metal, my preference goes out to the old school generation with bands like Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Entombed, Massacre, Autopsy, Possessed, Death, Obituary, Thanatos, Merciless and kindred spirits. The cover artworks were dark as hell, similar to they lyrics actually. As years passed by, my interest in Death Metal started to blur, all because of my passion for other gems grew on and on. I consider myself a natural born Classic Heavy, Power, Speed and Thrash Metal defender with a serious preference for the American scene, decades later on now and I’m still hooked on it ! Nevertheless, I’d like to write down an objective assessment regarding France based Creeping Fear’s newest cut entitled “Onward To Apocalypse”. Do not worry, I got the knowledge to distinguish the good from the bad bands with regard to the Death Metal movement!

With 9 songs queued, there will come a lot of brutal and unhinged forces which will produce an assault on your eardrums as it’s required from a good Death Metal effort. Because of the varying, real good song structures, my inner gut feeling tells me to have a deal with a real good Death Metal act, mostly delivering their stuff with a US touch in the vein of Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Incantation and the likes. The typical Death Metal grunts haunt you dawn across most of the 43 minutes of runtime, occasionally the vocal lines reach a grindcore type of character which is honestly, a bridge too far for myself. With all do respect but I simply don’t like such singing style at all. Allow me to say that Clément Ducouret’s vocal service is able to embrace my fairly. He always plays guitar, side by side to his brother in arms named Gabriel Hammel. The togetherness/musical craftsmanship between both runs smoothly as my amp roars like thunder during their service of ultra heavy/groovy and damn fast riffage. C. and G. create a wall a sound you can’t break down and another additional value to the entire album are the solo parts. Some kind of an unexpected, fact but the leads are real good, quite technical even. Herewith, I’d like to give Creeping Fear some extra attention and dignity. Finally, the drums of Gabriel Deloffre and the bass works of Jérémy Louwerse makes of “Onward To Apocalypse” an album that feels like a ten ton truck roll you over, without pity, relentless ! From the ultra fast pace to the mid tempi, taking some slower directions as well, you get it all included on these French lads’ debut full length piece.

A quote from above this review: “Do not worry, I got the knowledge to distinguish the good from the bad bands with regard to the Death Metal movement!” Now I can tell that Creeping Fear’s “Onward To Apocalypse” has managed to entertain me quite well. The cut remains me in some ways to the good old Death Metal movement, spiced with some contemporary influences… above all, the production is real good and the artwork reflects darkness in its purest form. Back in the day, Loudblast was one of my favourite Death Metal troops from France… Creeping Fear seems to be a worthy successor to me. Well done effort and interesting addition to fans of the extreme Metal genre ! Check ‘em out at:

My rating: 82/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)