Review by Phoenix van der Weyden: The veterans of the german gothic metal scene will release their 13th studio album entitled “Oblivion” on April 13th. 2018.

The band gained a strong following both at home and abroad on their 25 years career because they have that “it” factor involving musicianship and songwriting but also creative arrangements that make them stand out in the Gothic Metal crowd.

“Oblivion” is an album that carries all the trademarks of this band but at the same time it feels like they tried to achieve a different goal and give to the public some sort of evolution or “shape shifting” of styles with this release.

The growls of Felix Stass are pretty much alive and well but i believe what brought a new sound to the table were the addition of 3 new members, Tosse Basler and Rolf Munkes on the guitars and Jason Mathias on bass .

This album also has a number of collabs which helped to shape a different nuance to its final result.

One different collab that worths mention is Dirk Riegner. Dirk is in fact an Indie musician. That alone shows they wanted as many different influences and ideas to shape up a semi conceptual work.

That´s an album that will please the fans of the band and can also call the attention of the fans of the genre. Additional info at:

My rating: 85/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)