Review by Stefan: Founded back in 2005 by ex-members of Belgian based acts Core Of Anger and Deconsecrate among others, “Lost Resistance” is Crowsview’s debut full length album. They want to frame their style of music as a mixture of rude hardcore, metal and metalcore with a nod to the following: Slayer, Arkangel, Length Of Time and like-minded groups. It is well known that this way gem causes furious circumstances, aggression that sometimes strikes mercilessly hard and rough. So, people with a weak heart are not referred to this type of music… with all do respect to those, Crowsview show no mercy and deliver blood pumping rhythms mercilessly chase blood through your veins!

This first album has eight songs in promotion, started with ‘My Disgust’, all the trump cards of the band are immediately played out. Vicious screaming and yelling coming from deep within the singer’s chest and the music is hard, wild, streetwise rebel minded… smells like furious hardcore/metalcore in my opinion. As soon as Crossview is well on its way, they can’t be stopped anymore, fact is that musical variation is lacking and the vocals continue without any pitch change. Every now and then, I hear some groovy vibes might delivering that little touch of musical variety. Ross Demon is contributing on ‘Burn It Down’ and Crowsview still kicks everything to shreds, no mercy for the weak.

Being multiple decades into metal music, I honestly never was a fan of this gem which does not mean that I have no respect for, it’s just not my alley without further explanation. As a purebred worshipper of heavy/power/thrash/progressive/… metal you’re longing for a decent guitar riffs or scorching leads, variable (high pitched) vocals I really adore mainly…. Actually all elements I can’t discover while listening to these guys way of acting. Because of this it is only normal that I do not like Crowsview’s debut album. Is this an incorrect assessment? I don’t think so, at least I’m honest and don’t want to be beating around the bush for no particular reason.

“Lost Resistance” starts the way it ends up, full force ahead… unfortunately too monotonous according to my own consideration and taste of music. If you like to take the aggressive, fast lane and don’t give a fuck about any form of detailed musical approach, you better check out Crossview. I don’t blame the band nothing at all, it’s their choice which way they want to follow…. Comparing to my discussing here, hardcore and metalcore addicts will make a totally different opinion about “Lost Resistance”, they will like it without a doubt so it might be better to shut my mouth and mind my own goddamn business right now ! Watch for the band at: 

My rating: 71/100 (Decent but best previewing)