CRUTHU – THE ANGLE OF ETERNITY (Church Within Records)

Review by Officer Nice: Church Within Records? I have never heard a word about this label before. I really thought it was an American label, after all Christianity is still important for a big part of the American citizens. That’s also the reason why Christian Metal knows its specific scene over there. But, after a quick search on the Internet I found out this label is actually from Germany, supporting especially Doom Metal bands. They found these bands all over the world and Cruthu comes from out of the US, Michigan to be precise. This is their debut album, one that was released digital before.

Fans of the old Black Sabbath really should hold their attention to this review. These Americans are mainly influenced by the Godfathers of Metal and these old sounding tunes will easily seduce the fans of this kind of music. This album contains only six tracks but they will easily bring the listener back to the roots of Heavy Metal. That typical Seventies sound will is constantly present! As above Ryan Evans contains a voice that sounds a bit similar to Ozzy Osbourne’s unique and famous vocal lines. The other bands, that are connected with Black Sabbath, can be heard as well and at some points also the old Candlemass crosses my mind. Good old stuff, nice tunes and the ideal music to start my Sunday morning with. It’s sunny outside, my favorite football team plays today and I’m getting in the mood for a lazy day. Cruthu brings me in the right mood with their Bluesy sound and slow tunes.

Musical wise this is a really strong band, the instrumental “Seperated From The Herd” proves it. I really adore this intermezzo and you can hear how good these musicians really are. Those acoustic guitars are pretty impressive to hear. The other 5 songs are really well written and performed but maybe this record is a bit too short.  But, believe me if I say Cruthu delivers catchy music, in which that obscure Seventies sound rules. Check them out at  / 

My rating: 80/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)