Review by Stefan: With Crypt Sermon I find myself in the world of doom metal music with an epic approach. This five-man formation from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was founded in 2013. My first contact with their musical input came along with the song ‘The Will Of The Ancient Call’, released on the 14th. edition of Metal Blade Records’ legendary series “Metal Massacre”. On another collector named “Masters Of Metal: Vol. 1” Crypt Sermon was also present with three songs that pleased me well, other acts that were part of this compilation were Riot City, Old Wolf and Hellrazor. In 2015, they took the doom metal scene by surprise with the debut album “Out Of The Garden”, now four years later on it’s time to spread the word of the highly anticipated sophomore “The Ruins Of Fading Light” effort, released through US based Dark Descent Records.

Black Sabbath, the masters of doom metal have been ruling this quirky genre since the late seventies, on a later and regular basis more and more bands made their appearance, I’m talking about the most famous Trouble, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Saint Vitus, Krux, Solstice, While Heaven Wept, Krux, Memory Garden and soul mates. There are different subgenres in regards to this brand of music, I give full priority to the classical approach as brought by aforementioned bands. Depending on my mood, I regularly take a dip in my CD collection, darken the daylight and venture into a totally different, sometimes gloomy world.

Next to the traditional doom metal vibes you could also find ingredients that were related to classical power/melodic metal on their first album. When listening to their new album I come to the conclusion that there is only room for rock solid doom metal with no changes of direction to the traditional power metal, and this formula apparently works very well ! As a band, I think you get the best results when you stick to a single genre instead of mixing different styles. Starting to mix music styles sometimes leads to confusing situations so a doom metal album should sound doomy, the same goes for other genres as well. Defend your own territory with your own qualities ! Crypt Sermon has understood this message well and delivers with “The Ruins Of Fading Light” a fine new album of which the quality level is slightly higher than the debut record.

The production is not too polished and I like that for this kind of music, it even adds value to the total package. The song writings are strong, the power and elegance with which the songs are built is genius. The driving and roaring guitar works are sublime, just listen to the heavy riffs and refined solos. With my amplifier at a high level I make my way through all the songs and I am happy with the result, that much is clear ! Also exceptional and unique are the vocals, I hear an appropriate singer who achieves a potential value with his own qualities. Think about Robert Lowe during the almighty early days of Solitude Aeturnus to create a thought ! And without any doubt you will never reach a high level without the cooperation of an accompanying bass player and a merciless drummer. You shouldn’t worry about this at Crypt Sermon, both of them do a great job.

I want to mention with certainty that Crupt Sermon’s second release will get a place in my collection of doom metal albums, section recommendations. A brand new album with an 80s/early 90s feel, I just love it ! Those hooked on the mighty forces of Solitude Aeturnus, Krux, While Heaven Wept, Argus, Memory Garden, … I advise you to look for “The Ruins Of Fading Light” (runtime of 55 minutes !) with immediate effect, Crypt Sermon are present to make the dark winter months a bit more bearable. Anyway, great album in my opinion ! Order via: / Band info at: /

My rating: 87/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)