CULT OF THE FOX – BY THE STYX (Iron Shield Records/Soulfood)

Review by Officer Nice: Cult Of the Fox is really a cool name for a band. These guys are heading from out of Sweden, a country that seems to be in troubles the last few years. Maybe the old Vikings need to rise again… Well, let’s not talk about politics, it’s too hot outside anyway and mention that this is for the big crowd and unknown band from out of that Scandinavian country.

Cult Of The Fox was formed in 2007 and they released two albums so far. Metal heads who like to go to the Headbangers Open Air Festival, a fantastic festival by the way, might know the band. Cult Of the Fox was there in 2011. It is a band that fits that festival actually perfectly because this is pure Heavy/Power Metal, mainly influenced by the Eighties Metal movement.

Cult Of The Fox delivers catchy songs, actually they’re often ‘easy on the ear’. I hear great riffs and good rhythms,  this is the perfect headbanging music. The tempi are very variable and that makes this band sound somewhere between the old Black Sabbath, lots of NWOBHM bands and German bands like Grave Digger or Running Wild. The band contains two good guitarists, responsible for those sharp riffs and screaming leads. The base, by bass and hard hitting drums, are empowering this music. Singer Magnus Hultman is no exceptional talent but his raw timbre fits the band and he dares to use the high screams as well it! All over his vocal lines are maybe a bit too boring and that’s actually a pity.

Cult Of The Fox doesn’t deliver something exceptional but fans of True Metal can really do something with this release. Check

My rating: 77/100 (Decent but best previewing)